Greatest Love Inc. is a church without walls. We will spread the Gospel in places traditional churches cannot reach like hospitals, homeless shelters, individual and single family homes, and in community settings. Our message is free to all those who will listen. We will place no obligation for people to give and any contribution will be considered an offering. We will go out in two's to spread the Gospel and find new recruits. We will teach discipleship and help those we reach develop a closer relationship with Jesus Christ. Many people want to live by faith but have been reluctant to join the church because of the hypocrisy among other things. Greatest Love Inc. will show people God doesn’t want your money. He wants your heart! He wants you to live and love for him. We will have a service every month in the community teaching and preaching the Gospel that cuts on both sides. The same Gospel that builds people up, gives them hope and faith that will help them persevere and move any mountains in their lives. We are convinced when we embrace one another with love it fosters a true connection and bond that can never be broken. For we know love is the greatest of all things and God is love.