When the devil is in the pulpit.

The devil in the pulpit will make you believe if you don't tithe you cannot be saved. He teaches sacrifice before obedience because it benefits him.

The devil in the pulpit exalts himself by allowing members of the church to use his name instead of the church's name (example, I go to Paul's church instead of, I go to God's church.)

The devil in the pulpit will preach the prosperity gospel stating the more money you give God the more blessings you will receive. While not teaching that real service to God requires faith and believing his son died on the cross for your sins. If we follow Jesus Christ’s example, we may find persecution instead of prosperity.

The devil in the pulpit is also a trained, charismatic and eloquent speaker. Who chooses to speak to your emotions but not your heart, your mind or your soul.

The devil in the pulpit maintains the status quo. He never speaks out about the pressing issues of the day like gay marriage, abortion, war, the housing crisis, poverty, crime, addiction and the political attitude that thwarts social change.

The devil in the pulpit must have the finest things. The best house, the best car, the best clothes and other luxury items. In contrast to the life and ministry of Jesus Christ where Jesus was homeless and did not have a penny to his name.

The devil in the pulpit thinks his preaching is superior to other pastors and thus does not seek to collaborate with other churches to bring unity into the body of Christ.

The devil in the pulpit knows the scriptures very well and interprets them to enrich himself and those in his circle.

Lastly, when the devil is in the pulpit the majority of the tithes and offerings go to support the church and the devil’s lifestyle. While little to no resources goes directly to those in need. The homeless, the naked, the sick and those in prison.

The devil in the pulpit is very sly and cunning. He preys upon the spiritually weak. His only agenda is to profit off the Gospel while leading the masses astray. I thank you for your time. Please like and share this message and be eternally blessed!